We are playing at Griffins Grill in Los Alamitos. See map below for address and location. Click on map to navigate to plan your drive to the restaurant. You may also preview the menu.

PAY AHEAD $6  or  $10 on day of event

May also pay for the entire year if you wish $60 (11 months of MT)


Mexican Train is our chapter's official game!

RRC Mexican Train meets on the THIRD Saturday of the month.  Hours 10:30 AM to 3 pm PM; Set-up crew from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM to help decorate the room & organize the paperwork, set out the game prizes, door prizes, place dessert and napkins, place signs up, table numbers, etc. Before players enter the room they must check in. Entry fee is only $6 (February through November) or $10 at the door, and $10 on our annual JANUARY RRC Mexican Train Anniversary parties. Now you may pay ahead and receive two raffle tickets when you come to play. Those that pay at the door on the day of the event will only receive one raffle ticket. If you pay ahead and have to cancel please let me know so that I can "carry over" your reservation to another month in which you will be able to play. Those that do not cancel and have paid ahead your reservation will not be refunded because we had held your seat and waited for you to arrive. Players that show up at the day of the event without a reservation seating is subject to availability and is NOT guaranteed and will need to pay $10.


Griffins Grill opens its doors at 10 am. You are welcome to enter the private room at that time if you wish. Lunch orders will start at 11 am so that we can get everyone feed before it gets too late and some are left hungry. It takes time for the waitress to get to all the tables to take the orders. Separate checks and open menu.


PAY for the entire year of 2018 MT (Dark in DEC) - 11 months for only $60 (Save $10).


Rail / Domino Trivia Progressive Jackpot question is now done mid-way through our game day (Around noon or so) the winner will receive money, if no winner the pot grows another $10. Every month $10 goes into the jackpot if no winner is declared. At lunch time we will have a few announcements promoting future RHS events. Door prizes and a 50/50 drawing takes place just after we finish eating, then dessert is passed. Continue games then winners from each table receive their games prizes for LOW and HIGH score. Low-score winners receive the biggest (more valuable) of the game prizes.


Since 2015 a "Honeybaked Ham" gift card special door prize to be given away every NOVEMBER to help celebrate the holiday season. This is a new RRC tradition and annual give away (Started in November 2015). Each month I will set aside $5 (Honeybaked Ham gift card envelope FUND), and when November comes there will be a good sum of money to purchase a nice gift card, which will be given to the winner. (Gift card value will be $60 from 12 months of collecting $5).


Our monthly 50/50 drawings helps the RRC Treasury. Thanks for buying 50/50.

RRC Mexican Train 2018 Schedule

Griffins Grill in Los Alamitos

(Meet on 3rd Saturday)


NOTE: If for some reason we cannot be at Griffins Grill we'll be at another QTH.

January 20 ($10 cover charge) 6th RRC MT Anniversary Party

February 17 - Valentine's theme MT

March 17 - St. Patrick's Mexican Train

April 21 - Easter MT

May 19 - Spring MT

June 16 - Patriotic MT

July 21 - USA Independence month

August 18 - Hawaiian MT

September 15 - Country & Western MT

October 20 - Halloween MT

November 17 - Thanksgiving MT




How to keep score and what to do if someone comes late to the game (How to figure out the score that will also include the late player or NEW person joining the game)


Count the pips on the dominoes left in the player's hand as un-played each round. (Note: Some dominoes sets have numbers not pips)  Write that score on the score sheet. Total these scores after all thirteen rounds have been played. Thirteen rounds starting with 12 and ending with 0. The player with the highest score loses; the player with the lowest score wins. (For ease of determining the winning and losing scores, it is recommended to keep a running total for each player, each round.)


If someone comes to the table late, we use a simple average score. Take the latest running scores of players present before the new player joined, add them and then divide by the number of players that were present when these were recorded.


Example: Erin is joining the game after two rounds. The present scores are: Sally = 0, Jess = 27, Hannah = 104, Maria = 72.    Total: 203/4 players = 50.75 or 51. Erin's starting score would be 51.


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