Chinese Translation: Clattering Sparrows

Since we hardly get enough ladies to come on a regular basis every  month we decided on 9-26-2016 to meet at the Huntington Beach Senior Center in Central Park (No RHS attire required as we are just going there to practice) every Wednesday. Some of us may not make certain Wednesdays due to other commitments; however, the day is available to anyone that wants to play MAHJONG. The time slot is 11 AM to 3 PM every Wednesday. You may arrive and leave anytime within that time slot set by HB Senior Center in Central Park. We will play in their game room. The game room and any activity that takes place at the senior center is open to both male and female. We go to play (NOT a Red Hat event).


HB Senior Center at Central Park   (See map at bottom of this page)

18041 Goldenwest Street

Huntington Beach, CA 92648


The Ruby Rail Cruisers may offer a special MAHJONG game day either twice or four times a year that will yield prizes (NOT money). There will be a cover charge. I am currently thinking of putting something together for 2017. This page will be updated later.


American Mahjong Game Players are expected to use the current year's Mah jongg Player Hands published by the American Mah Jongg League. If you don't have your card you may order one from the National Mah Jongg League. Cards are only $9. If you don't have one.


We now play both American Mahjong and Chinese Mahjong. We use the "Official Standard Hands and Rules" card for AMERICAN MAHJONG published by

National Mah Jongg League, Inc. <---Order your card.


Chinese Mahjong: We play that at the HB Senior Center in Central Park (as well as the other version). For the Chinese version there is NO NEED to use an player's card of Mahjong hands! The only thing to remember is that you do NOT use jokers nor the flowers. Winning Mahjong hands are ONE PAIR + FOUR sets of three tiles. The winning hand must total 14 tiles to "Mahjong" (Getting started & learning this version is fast)


Find tournaments, other groups, and teachers: CLICK HERE   (Game sets, etc)


Recommended book: "A Beginner's Guide to AMERICAN Mah Jongg -- How to PLAY the GAME & WIN" by Elaine Sandberg:  Buy on Amazon


History of American Mahjong and how it started:  Click here to see PDF


Helpful tips for playing American Mahjong:


BAM matches Green dragon

DOT matches Soap (white dragon)

CRAK matches Red dragon


Matching tiles are tiles of the same Suit and number, same Dragon, same Wind or Flower.


PAIR = 2 matching tiles (No Jokers)

PUNG = 3 matching tiles (Use up to three Jokers)

KONG = 4 matching tiles (Use up to four Jokers)

QUINT = 5 matching tiles (Use up to five Jokers)

SEXTET = 6 matching tiles (Use up to six Jokers)


NOTE: Jokers can substitute for any or all tiles in a PUNG, KONG, QUINT or SEXTET.


Never use a joker in a pair or for a single title.


An identifying tile is NOT needed when all jokers are used.


When you discard a tile, identify it by Suit and number, Dragon color, Wind direction, or as a Flower or Joker!




“East” (Place tile face side up on table)


“Eight CRAK”


“Green” (Do not have to say Green dragon)


“Flower” (Do not have to say 1 flower, etc)


ROLLOR (Passing Acronym) = Right, Over, Left --- Left, Over, Right


Stealing allowed during First Left and Last Right.


HB Senior Center in Central Park

18041 Goldenwest Street

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

(The senior center is across the street from HB Library)

RRC Mahjong started in 2015

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