Domino Days

2017 Schedule


The addresses of the restaurants:


Kathy May's Lakeview Cafe

6622 Lakeview Drive

Huntington Beach, CA 92648


Stonefire Grill

18727 Brookhurst Street

Fountain Valley


June 2 (Friday) -- Kathy May's Lakeview Cafe in Huntington Beach.


June 30 (Friday) -- Stonefire Grill (FV on Brookhurst)


July 27 (Thursday) -- Stonefire Grill (FV on Brookhurst)


August 31 (Thursday) -- Stonefire Grill (FV on Brookhurst)


September 28 (Thursday) -- Stonefire Grill (FV on Brookhurst)


October 23 (Monday)  Stonefire Grill (FV on Brookhurst)



We enjoy lunch first, door prizes, and 50/50. (Monies earned from 50/50 will be used to purchase door prizes for the next "Domino Days" event.) Those that do NOT want to play any games are welcome to leave after our fun luncheon period.


RRC Domino Days is a fun time together playing any type of TILE game desired (Such as Mahjong or various domino games). Chicken Foot is another very popular game, Mexican Train (extremely popular), bingo (Not the same as the BINGO we all know), Hold 'em, etc.


If you own a Domino Game Set, please bring it so that we have enough game sets.

NO SCORING (Unless of course your table wants to score.)

NO GAME PRIZES (This is just an informal get together with Red Hatters from various chapters. No Low Score / High Score prizes given out).


All foods purchased at the restaurants that we play at.


Want to play more? HB Senior Center in Central Park now offers MEXICAN TRAIN every Friday from 8:30 am to Noon. Any senior age 50 and over (male or female) may play in their nice game room. It is FREE, however, you will need to sign up with the senior center and get your "My Active Center" SCAN CARD.


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